Halo: Installation 04

What could be more iconic to the Halo Universe than Installation 04, except for Master Chief. I started off with just wanting to do a semi-decent and semi-detailed version of Installation 04. But after numerous restarts of the project and once the details and screen-shots of the anniversary Edition of Halo 1 started to surface I promptly started to think about doing a really high-polygon version.

High-Polygon enough so that it could be used in animations and fan based media as a really beautiful version of Installation 04. So here it is, check below for my latest updates on the ring and how I'm progressing on it.

It's set to be featured in the fan film "Halo: The Fallen", that you can read more about here.

Halo Installation 04
Location Soell System (Orbits Threshold)
Assigned Monitor 343 Guilty Spark
Status Destroyed by Master Chief on September 22, 2552
Date of Construction 98,665 BCE
Range 25,000 light years
Diameter 10,000 kilometers
Latest Updates
Halo Wip0026

The use of my models

I’ve got quite a bit of messages lately about using my Halo Installation model for different kinds of projects. While …

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Halo Wip0020

Halo Ring Update #7

Time for an update of the progress on this project. Since the past update I have mostly spent my time …

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