• A project that I've been wanting to do for a long time, creating my own version of a Halo installation from the universe we all love.

  • Using high quality textures and shaders this is my view of our very own solar system.

Homescreen Horizontalv2alt2

Essence Mockups

Just thought I would drop off a few mockups that I’m working on implementing in Essence. [image title=”Image #1″ …

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Halo Wip0026

The use of my models

I’ve got quite a bit of messages lately about using my Halo Installation model for different kinds of projects. While …

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In development again!

Just wanted to give a small update on the Essence project. I’ve recently started working on this again and shifted …

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Halo Wip0020

Halo Ring Update #7

Time for an update of the progress on this project. Since the past update I have mostly spent my time …

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